How to Get Rid of Norton AntiVirus Popups

by Andrew Meer
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Norton AntiVirus uses pop-up notifications to inform you when performing full system scans or live updates in the background. Special offer notifications, performance alerts and intrusion prevention alerts are among some of the other pop-up notifications that you have to deal with when using Norton AntiVirus. While useful, Norton pop-up notifications can also be an annoying form of distraction since you have to wait several seconds for them to disappear. Fortunately, Norton AntiVirus features built-in options that allow you to disable these annoying pop-up notifications at any time.

Step 1

Open the Search charm, type "Norton AntiVirus" (without quotes) and press "Enter" to open Norton AntiVirus.

Step 2

Click the "Settings" tab, and then click the "General" tab.

Step 3

Click the "Norton Tasks" side tab. Next, click the green-colored bar next to "Norton Task Notification" to turn it off.

Step 4

Click the "Other Settings" side tab. Next, click the green-colored bar next to "Special Offer Notification" to turn it off.

Step 5

Click the "Performance Monitoring" side tab. Next, click twice on the green-colored bar next to "Performance Alerting" to turn it off.

Step 6

Click the "Network" tab. Next, click the "Intrusion Prevention" side tab and then click "Notifications" to turn it off.

Step 7

Click "Apply" to disable Norton AntiVirus pop-ups.

Click the "Close" button to exit Norton AntiVirus.


  • Disabling intrusion prevention alerts does not prevent Norton AntiVirus from automatically dealing with intrusion signatures.


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