How to Get Rid of Norton

by Justin H. Pot

Face it, Norton's Antivirus software is expensive and severely slows down your computer. If you're thinking of replacing Norton with one of the many free alternative antivirus programs available, you might notice that using the uninstall program provided in the Microsoft Windows "Add or Remove Programs" utility leaves a lot behind. This information takes up space on the hard drive and can even slow down your system. Luckily, there is a way to remove Norton completely. All you need is the proper tool for the job.

Download the Norton Removal Tool (see references and resources at the end of this article). This free tool from Norton is probably the best product made by Symantec, the company that makes the Norton Antivirus program. It is capable of completely removing all Norton products from your computer. This means all of the messy remnants left by the uninstall program are removed from your system using this tool.

Run the Norton Removal Tool. Double-click the executable file you just downloaded to launch the program.

Follow the on-screen prompts to begin removing Norton completely from your computer. Click "Next" when prompted. The program will clean up all of the files associated with Norton on your computer.

Install another antivirus program, if you have not done it already. Make sure you install another antivirus program onto your system. You should not leave it unprotected. You can find a number of free antivirus programs on the web.


  • close The process in this article can remove other Norton programs in addition to the Norton Antivirus program, such as Norton Ghost. Make sure you have a way of reinstalling those programs before using this method to uninstall Norton Antivirus.

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