How to Get Rid of a MagicJack Delay

by Patrick Nelson

MagicJack's Voice over Internet Protocol phone service provides telephone service over your Internet connection rather than over traditional landline or cellphone service. You might experience a delay or echo when using the service. The echo is caused by the softphone's microphone picking up sound from the softphone's speaker. The delay is caused by poor-quality Internet speeds, wiring and computer settings.

Click on "Menu" on the top-right corner of the softphone application on your computer if you hear echo. Click on "Headset/Volume," and lower the volume for both the microphone and speaker to about a third of the maximum levels. If you're using a regular phone connected to the MagicJack port, take it off speaker phone.

Unplug the router and or modem from the wall power, and allow it to remain unplugged for three minutes if you continue to have echo or delay problems. Restart the computer and the Internet services, allow them to settle for a minute or so, and try the call again.

Try plugging the MagicJack into a different USB port on the computer if the problem persists. If the MagicJack is connected to the computer's USB jack with a USB cable, rather than plugged in directly, try it without the cable. Plug the MagicJack straight into the computer. Try replacing the cable that runs between the MagicJack and the phone.

Change the processor-scheduling setting on your computer if you continue to have any quality issues. From "My Computer," choose "Properties" and then the "Advanced" tab. Within "Performance," select "Settings" and then "Advanced." At "Processor Scheduling," select "Background Services" and choose "Apply." Then click "OK" twice.


  • check Contact your Internet Service Provider, such as your phone or cable company, and report the issue if you continue to have trouble. There might be a service outage or a speed problem with the line that carries the Internet.

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