How to Get Rid of iTunes Verification Required

By David Wayne

Learn the five R's of iTunes troubleshooting.
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Occasionally, a glitch in the iTunes payment verification form can cause your credit card information to be misread or deleted. This problem can occur when you try to purchase content from an Apple TV, iOS device or computer. Before downloading the content, your device displays the message “iTunes Verification Required,” and you're prompted to re-enter your payment information. Removing your primary payment method from iTunes and adding it back can solve the problem. If not, contact Apple to speak with a customer service representative.

Managing Payment Methods in iTunes

To remove a credit card from your iTunes account, launch iTunes and click “Store” and then “Sign In.” Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted, and then click “Store” and choose “View Account.” Enter your password and select “View Account” and click “Edit” next to the payment method you want to remove. Click “None" to delete the credit card from iTunes. Sign out of iTunes on your computer and any other device on which you're currently signed in, including an Apple TV or iOS device. Restart your computer and launch iTunes again. Sign into your account and click “Store” then “View Account.” Click “Edit” next to the payment type to add, and then re-enter your payment information and click “Done.” If iTunes continues to require payment verification for downloads, visit the Apple site to request personal support (link in Resources).