How to Get Rid of a Home Phone & Keep the Internet

By Sarah Tidwell

Getting rid of a home phone and keeping the Internet is a fairly simple process. Many phone-service companies provide the Internet to their telephone customers in one low-rate package, so you can choose to stay with the provider or select an entirely new one. Cell phones are so prevalent that homeowners are trying to find ways to opt out of communication services but keep the ability to surf the Web. In most cases, a simple phone call to the service provider is sufficient for altering your service.

Review your most current telephone service bill to locate the company's phone number. Keep the bill in your hands when you make the call because the automated service or live representative might ask you for the account number and/or other information listed on your statement that will help them identify you as the appropriate caller.

Call the company and follow the prompt of keypad selections to reach the closing department. If you do not hear a choice that clearly states information on terminating phone service, select the option that lets you talk to a representative directly. In either case, you will ultimately need to close the account with a live agent.

Supply your account information and tell the speaker you want to discontinue your phone service. If the company also supplies your Internet, speak to the representative about your options for keeping the Internet service. Consider the Internet service options and prices to determine if you want to choose a new outfit.

If your phone service provider does not offer the Internet or you decided to go with another company, choose a connection method that is appropriate for your usage: cable, dial-up or satellite. Certain companies provide specific methods, so research organization offerings before calling for pricing.

Select the service plan from your current or new Internet provider that offers the minutes and speed that suit your needs. If the company allows you to have unlimited Internet time throughout the billing cycle, choose the connection speed that fits your Internet use. For instance, if you rely on the service for your job or school and download documents or pictures often, pick the service with faster speed.

Verify your selections with the company agent before ending the call to ensure you are billed correctly.

Remove your phone from your home wall immediately after cancellation to prevent accidental use. It might take a couple days for the company to completely cancel your service, therefore removing the telephone will prevent accidental usage.