How to Get Rid of Harassing Callers

By Riz Khan

Maybe you're receiving annoying phone calls from phone solicitors and telemarketers. Or, someone could be calling you at odd times from an unknown and private number. There are many ways to get rid of all such harassing phone calls on your home or cellular phone. While some methods may require the assistance of your carrier, others are do-it-yourself solutions that can be accomplished directly from your home or cell phone.

Register your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNCR). This is a free service offered in the United States through which you can add up to three different phone numbers, including home and cellular numbers, to a list that telemarketers are not allowed to dial. Register your phone number(s) from the NDNCR website; see link in Resources. You must provide some basic information, including your name, phone numbers you want to register and an email address where NDNCR can send a confirmation link. Click on this link to confirm your registration.

Reject phone calls from anonymous phone numbers. Some people set up Caller ID blocking, which prevents their phone number from being visible on the caller ID of the recipient. To prevent such phone calls, you must activate anonymous call rejection on your phone by pressing "77" on your phone. When this feature is activated, you will not receive phone calls from an unknown and private phone number. To turn off anonymous call rejection at any time, dial "87" on your phone.

Block phone calls from any random phone number. If the person is calling from a phone number that's visible on your Caller ID, then you can add this phone number to your block list. Carriers typically allow up to 12 phone numbers to be added to your block list. To add a phone number, simply dial "*60" followed by the phone number that you want to block.

Set a silent ringer for this phone number. Save the phone number to your phone's address book and assign a silent ringer to this contact. This way, you won't be bothered even when the phone rings if the person calls your phone.