How to Get Rid of Factory Installed Apps on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

by Nick Peers
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Your brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 comes with several preinstalled apps that you cannot remove from the Apps section of the Settings menu. These apps not only take up valuable disk space, but they also run in the background and consume processing power. If you uninstall these apps from your Tab 3, however, you will void the warranty of and risk serious damage to your tablet.

Root the Tablet

The only way you can remove factory-installed apps from your Galaxy Tab 3 is to root the tablet. Rooting will void your device's warranty and can also cause irreparable damage. Your Tab 3 must be factory-unlocked, and you must ensure that it meets rooting requirements. The tablet can be rooted using Odin, Samsung's own firmware update utility, if you have the right files. Note that you can keep your warranty if you unroot the tablet.

Uninstall the Apps

To uninstall the factory-installed apps after you root the device, you should use an uninstaller app from the Android Market, such as Root App Delete, App Master or Root Uninstaller. Deleting the wrong files can seriously damage the Android mobile operating system. It is never a good idea to attempt to delete the apps manually using a file manager.


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