How to Get Rid of a Facebook Account Permanently

By Isaiah Turning

Facebook is a social networking site with more than 500 million active users, 50 percent of which log in on any given day. For some people, a Facebook account loses its usefulness, becomes more of a distraction or simply less fun than they had imagined. For whatever reason, some users choose to delete their account. Facebook provides an easy to find option called "Deactivate Account," but this does not delete your Facebook account completely. While not as easy to locate, Facebook provides the option to permanently delete your account.

Log in to Facebook from a computer, using your email address and account password. Click the "Account" link in the far-right corner of your Facebook page. Select "Help Center" from the "Account" link drop-down.

Type "delete" in the search box on the Facebook Help Center page. Click "Search" or press your computer's "Enter" key to continue.

Click "How Do I Permanently Delete My Account" from the returned search results. This directs you to the Help Center page for questions on deactivating or deleting your account.

Scroll down the page to locate the "Submit Your Request Here" link. Click the link to proceed to the "Delete My Account" page.

Click "Submit" on the "Delete My Account" page. Type your account's password in the "password" blank and carefully type the text in the "Security Check" box. Click "Okay." Click "Okay" in the next alert box to continue.