How to Get Rid of a Disk Partition

by Jason Artman

Many computers arrive from the factory with a hidden partition containing data needed to restore the computer to its original configuration in the event of a severe operating system problem. If your computer includes a restore disk, you may not need this partition and might prefer to delete it and reclaim the hard drive space it consumes. Use the Windows Disk Management utility to delete unneeded hard drive partitions.

Hit the "Windows" and "R" keys on the keyboard simultaneously to call up the "Run" window.

Type "compmgmt.msc" into the Run window, without the quotation marks, and hit "Enter." This will call up the "Computer Management" window.

Click on "Disk Management" on the left side of the screen. This provides a visual representation of every drive in the computer, including all removable media. Each partition is represented by a rectangular outline.

Right click on the partition to be deleted and click "Delete Volume." If the hard drive has multiple partitions and you would like to expand the existing partition to fill the empty space, right click on this partition and click "Extend Volume."


  • close Once a hard drive partition has been deleted, all of the data that was on the partition will be lost unless specialized data recovery software is used. Do not delete a hard drive partition unless you are sure that you do not need any of the files that are stored on it.

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