How to Get Rid of the Browsing Bar When I'm Watching Movies on Netflix

By Avery Martin

Netflix came on to the entertainment scene through its innovative program that allowed customers to rent movies without late fees or trips to the movie store. With the addition of streaming movies, a proprietary streaming media interface allowed the possibility of watching from your computer browser. Fullscreen mode allows you to watch movies without seeing the background, similar to what you would see when watching a movie played on a DVD. You can only enter fullscreen mode after the movie starts playing.

Playback Controls

Step 1

Select the movie you want to start watching and click the Play button on the Netflix website.

Step 2

Click or hover over the movie screen to activate the menus.

Click the Fullscreen icon located at the end of the playback controls. The fullscreen menu looks like a box framed by four corners.

Troubleshoot Missing Playback Controls

Step 1

Access the Netflix clear cookies website. Then, select "Netflix Home" and click "Member Sign In." Enter your member information to sign back in to Netflix.

Step 2

Attempt to close your browser and restart, then try accessing the playback controls again.

Close all of your browsers and point to the lower right portion of the screen. Click "Settings" and select "Control Panel." Choose "Uninstall a Program," select "Microsoft Silverlight" and click "Uninstall." Then, return to the Netflix website and reinstall Microsoft Silverlight by following the prompts.