How to Get Rid of a Browser Hijacker

by Contributor

A browser hijacker is a form of malware or spyware that replaces your existing Internet browser home page with its own. Like hijacking a car, the hidden code that runs behind the scenes of your computer forces your Web browser to be redirected to a particular website. It isn't just designed to create annoyance; browser hijacking has become a way for people to force hits to a particular website to increase advertisement profit.


Install and update anti-virus software regularly to prevent your computer's Web browser from being hijacked.


Keep your computer up-to-date with the latest service packs and patches. A good place to start is for Windows users and for Mac users.


Already being hijacked? From your browser's "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options" and reset your home page by manually typing in the Web address of your desired home page.


Scan your hard drive for malware, using an anti-spyware application like Lavasoft's AdAware (, SpywareBlaster ( or Spybot (


  • close Anti-virus programs are designed to fix your computer. But beware of some downloads that may be from unsafe sources.

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