How to Get Rid of a Bot on My PC

by Paul Higgins

Removing a bot from your computer prevents third-party users from stealing some of your personal data or using your machine to commit criminal activities. A bot is a specific type of Trojan virus which, after infection, can allow malicious users to connect to your computer. Once connected, they can use your computer to send spam over email or attack web servers, for example. Since those users have full access to your computer, they can also access files on your computer or log keys typed on your keyboard. You can remove a bot from your computer by using one of several free antivirus applications.


Open your Internet browser and download a free antivirus application, such as Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition or avast! Free Antivirus (see Resources).


Install the antivirus application on your computer by double-clicking on the installation file and following the instructions. Launch the program by double-clicking on its shortcut on your Windows desktop or in your Windows Start menu.


Click the "Update" or "Update definitions" button to update the definition files of your antivirus application. The definition files contain the information the program needs to identify viruses on your computer.


Click the "Scan" or "Scan now" button to launch a full scan of your system. This might take up to 10 minutes.


Click on "Quarantine" or "Remove all" to remove all bot files the antivirus has found on your computer.

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