How Do I Get Rid of Bizrate?

by Chad Davis

You can remove Bizrate and other unwanted software from Windows by uninstalling the application in Programs and Features. Performing a full scan with an anti-malware application, such as Windows Defender, identifies and removes potential security threats on your PC. You can also use the Internet Options dialog to reset your Web browser's settings and restore any changes that malware may have made on your system.

Scan with Windows Defender


Press "Windows" to open your Start screen, type "windows defender" and then select "Windows Defender" from the search results. The Windows Defender window displays your system's security protection status in the bar at the top. For example, "PC Status: Protected." Updating Windows Defender can improve your protection status.


Click the "Update" tab and then the "Update Now" or "Update" button. It is important that you keep Windows Defender updated with the latest virus and malware definitions.


Click the "Home" tab, select "Full" under Scan Options and then the "Scan Now" button. Depending on your system and storage data, the scan process can take more than an hour to complete. Windows Defender automatically removes most detected malware from your system In some instances, you may be prompted by Windows Defender to confirm the removal of identified threats.

Uninstall Bizrate


Press "Windows" to open your Start screen, type "programs and features," select "Settings" and then "Programs and Features." You can use Programs and Features to manage the desktop programs currently installed on your PC.


Scroll down the list and select one of the following programs which may be connected to Bizrate adware: "Bizrate," "DefaultTab," "DownloadTerms 1.0," "LessTabs," "Selection Links,"," "WebCake 3.0," or "Yealt." The website Malware Tips also recommends that you remove any other unwanted or recently installed programs that you do not recognize.


Select "Uninstall" or "Uninstall/Change" from the toolbar. Alternatively, right-click the program in the list and then select "Uninstall" or "Uninstall/Change." If prompted, follow the instructions to uninstall the program from your PC. Reboot your system if necessary. Repeat the process to remove each of the malware applications connected to Bizrate.

Reset Internet Explorer Settings


Open Internet Explorer. If Internet Explorer is already running, close any additional tabs or windows.


Click the "Tools" gear icon, or press "Alt-X," and then select "Internet options." You can use the Internet Options dialog to manage your Internet Explorer settings.


Click the "Advanced" tab and then the "Reset…" button under Reset Internet Explorer Settings. Check the "Delete Personal Settings" box and then click the "Reset" button.


Click the "Close" button after each check mark appears in the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog. Exit Internet Explorer. When you open Internet Explorer again, your browser settings are restored to their default state.


  • check Regularly scan your system for malware to keep your PC safe from potential security threats.

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