How to Get Rid of Anti-Virus Pop-Ups

By Jackson Lewis

A new trend in spyware over the past several years has been for malware developers to attempt to trick you into paying for anti-spyware software to help keep your computer free of spy and malware. The authors of these tools attempt to do this by displaying a pop-up advertisement on your computer informing you that the computer is infected with spyware and viruses and trying to convince you to download and purchase fake spyware removal software. In actuality, this is a ploy to get you to further infect your computer by downloading the Antivirus 2009 malware, which acts as a Trojan horse for downloading additional malware to your computer. In order to clean your computer off the Antivirus 2009 infection, you must combine manual and automatic detection and cleaning methods on your computer.

Step 1

Restart your computer in safe mode by rapidly depressing the "F8" key during the reboot process. When queried through a system menu selection, choose "Safe Mode with Networking."

Step 2

Search and destroy all files on your computer which contain the "Antivirus 2009" file name. To do this, select the "Start->Search" menus and type "Antivirus 2009" in the search box. Delete all files that are returned from the search of all local drives.

Step 3

Update your anti-virus software and run a complete scan of your computer. Select the "Clean" option on all infected files returned by the scan.

Step 4

Repeat the anti-virus scan of your computer until you have at least one complete scan that returns no infected computer files.