What Is an RG6 Cable Used For?

By Maxwell Payne

An RG6 cable is one of the most commonly used cables for home and commercial purposes. It is a form of coaxial cable used to transmit audio and video signals to devices such as television sets.

RG6 is a common coaxial cable used for television transmissions.
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Initially the RG6 cable design was created and used by the military. The RG stood for "radio guide." According to tech website Tech-FAQ, it is no longer used in military radio transmission equipment, and thus the term radio guide is seldom used.


An RG6 cable is used to connect devices that carry audio and video signal from a transmitter to a display. This includes connecting aerial antennas, satellite dishes and cable television.


This type of coaxial cable is completely covered with a polyethylene layer on the outside. Underneath this layer is a shield layer that protects against radio frequency interference. It also features a locking nut on each end of the cable, which allows the cable to be secured to a jack such as the one found on a TV.


One key benefit of the RG6 line, and a reason for its popularity, is that it often replaces RG-59 cables, an earlier form of coaxial video/audio cable. According to Tech-FAQ, this older technology was prone to signal leakage and interference.

Another benefit of the RG-6 cable is that it can be used in many applications due to its durability against interference and the environment. It can be run underground as well as run up the sides of buildings to connect to antennas and satellite dishes.


Dual-shield RG6 cable costs less than quad-shield variety, but the quad-shield may offer better protection against interference. Also, if you buy it in bulk, you may need to purchase end crimps that attach to each end of the cable and feature the locking nut used to connect the cable to various devices.