How to Rewrite a DVD-RW

By Randall Shatto

A DVD-RW is a rewritable disc. This allows you to store data or videos with approximately 4.7 GB of space. However, some DVD-RW discs have a larger capacity. Once you burn the disc, you have the option to delete the information to add new files and programs. You can temporarily store information in this method. For example, if you need to transfer information to another computer or backup up a PC for upgrades, use a DVD-RW and save files. Then you can move the applications to another hard drive.

Insert the DVD-RW into the DVD burning drive. Press the "My Computer" or "Computer" icon from the desktop or "Start" menu.

Click on the DVD drive. Typically, this is the "D:" or "E:" letter. Files on the disc will appear in a separate window.

Select the "File" tab on the toolbar. Scroll to the "Erase this Disc" option. Click "Next." Wait approximately 2 to 3 minutes for the disc to erase. Select "Finish" when complete.

Open and close the DVD drive. Use your specific burning program to write new files to your DVD-RW disc.