How to Rewind on ZSNES

By Elvis Michael

Assign the rewind feature to any available button on your input device.
i Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

ZSNES is a video-game emulator available for multiple operating systems. It primarily focuses on the emulation of Super Nintendo games, as well as community-based titles released over the Internet. A prominent feature includes rewinding your progress, which efficiently loads a recently saved state within the game you are playing. This option is useful for those who have difficulties bypassing a given section within a game.

Launch the ZSNES emulator. Go to the "Config" menu and then click the "Saves" option.

Click the "Plus" or the "Minus" sign to set the number of save states you can revert to from the "# of Rewind States" section. If you feel the need to rewind any active game significantly, set the desired number accordingly.

Click the "Plus" or "Minus" sign to apply how many fifths of a second you wish to rewind your game from the "1/5 Seconds per Rewind" section. This essentially allows you to adjust the game distance that ZSNES reverses you to within the game.

Click the "Rewind" field found toward the bottom of the screen to assign a keyboard or game-pad shortcut. Press the key you wish to set as instructed; each time you press the assigned key, the game will rewind according to the previous settings you applied.