How to Revive a Dead Dell Battery

By Priya Hariharan

Have you ever had your Dell laptop battery not functioning? You might end up buying a new battery for your Dell computer as your older one is dead. It is possible to revive Dell's dead battery using things that are readily available in your house.

Detach the battery from the laptop. The Dell laptops have a battery latch at the rear end of the unit. The latch is a sliding button that can be toggled to lock and unlock the battery from the laptop. Move the latch to the "unlock" position and the battery will slide out easily.

Cover the battery with newspapers. Use two to three large sheets of newspapers and wrap the battery. Use tape if needed to secure the battery tight in the newspaper.

Put the wrapped battery in the freezer for about three to five days. Crystallization is the process in which the battery's cell chemistry is altered, making the battery dead or not charge properly. Freezing the battery and charging it removes the crystallization.

Thaw the battery to room temperature on the sixth day. It will take ten to twelve hours for the battery to get to the room temperature.

Remove the newspaper wrapping and touch the battery to feel the temperature. If the battery feels cold to touch, let it thaw for some more time.

Wipe the battery thoroughly to make sure that there is no moisture on the battery. Slide the battery into its slot in the laptop and move the latch to the "lock" position.

Plug in the power adapter and let the battery charge completely. Do not turn on your laptop when the battery is charging. When the battery is completely charged, turn the laptop on and your battery should be charged and working.