Reverting to a Saved Excel File

By Tricia Goss

Before you go to pieces, check for autosaved versions of the Excel file you are using.
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One of the benefits of using Microsoft Excel in business is that you can easily modify an existing spreadsheet to use it for another purpose. If you make changes to an Excel file and inadvertently save over the initial worksheet, do not panic. Provided you have enabled AutoRecover, Excel saves versions of each file while you work on it so that you can find and restore an earlier version should you need to.

Select the "File" tab of the ribbon and choose "Info."

Click the "Manage Versions" button and select a previously saved version of the file to open it.

Click the "Restore" button in the yellow business bar at the top of the worksheet. Click "OK" to confirm that you wish to revert to the current version.


If no files appear in the Manage Versions list, click "Browse" to see if any unsaved versions exist on your computer. If AutoSave and AutoRecover are not enabled, you can turn them on by clicking the "File" tab, choosing "Options" and selecting "Save." Select both the "Save AutoRecover Information Every X Minutes" and "Keep the Last AutoSaved Version If I Close Without Saving" check boxes and click "OK."


Information in this article applies to Excel 2010. It may differ slightly or significantly with other products