How to Reverse Routes on a Garmin (7 Steps)

By Melissa King

Use the reverse route function to quickly map a return destination.
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Whether you're driving a car, flying a plane, boating or hiking, Garmin's GPS devices will help you reach your destination quickly and safely. When you want to return to a route's point of origin, use the reverse route feature. This function gives you a route back your starting position, so you don't need to re-input waypoints or other data. Only a few of Garmin's GPS models, such as the Oregon line of devices, have this feature.

Create a Route

Step 1

Power on the Garmin and tap "Route Planner." Select "Create Route" and "Select First Point."

Step 2

Select a category for the first point, and then tap the first waypoint on your route.

Step 3

Tap "Use" and "Select Next Point." Touch the second point on the route. Repeat this process to enter all of the waypoints on the route.

Step 4

Touch the "Return" button to save your route. To use the route, tap the red "X" button, then tap "Where To?" and "Routes."

Reverse a Route

Step 1

Turn on the Garmin GPS and touch "Route Planner."

Step 2

Tap the route you want to reverse.

Step 3

Touch "Reverse Route." This reverses the waypoints on the selected route.