How to Return Xerox Toner Cartridges

By Bonnie Conrad

You can recycle your Xerox toner.
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No matter what type of Xerox copier or printer you own, eventually you will need to change the toner cartridge. When you do need to install new toner, be careful with the old toner cartridge. Simply throwing the old toner in the trash is bad for the environment. Instead, you should send the old toner back for recycling. This will keep the cartridge out of the landfill and help the environment.

Visit the Xerox recycling center website (see Resources). Select your country from the list and click "Continue."

Choose the type of toner you want to return, then click "Continue." Select your product from the menu at the center of the screen, then select the toner you want to return.

Enter your return address into the form, then click "Submit" to create your shipping label. Place the used toner cartridge in a box, affix the shipping label and seal the box securely.

Contact UPS to have the package picked up, or take the package to your nearest UPS Store or authorized UPS shipping location. The label is prepaid, so there is no charge to send back the toner.