How to Return a Laptop to HP for Repairs

By Jeff Grundy

If your HP laptop has problems, return it to HP for repairs.
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If your HP laptop is not working or is malfunctioning and you have done everything you can do to fix the problem yourself, you will need to have the laptop repaired by a professional.

Laptops are not always easy to troubleshoot and repair. Therefore, you should send the laptop back to HP so a certified technician can repair your computer. Sending the computer back to HP is not difficult, and you really should let the company repair your laptop, especially if the computer is still covered under warranty.

Contact HP customer service by calling them at 800-474-6836 if you are a home user and 800-334-5144 if you are a business customer. Alternatively, you can contact HP customer service on their customer care website.

Discuss the problem you are having with the HP laptop with the tech support agent that assists you. The tech support agent will attempt to help you solve the problem. If the agent cannot help you correct the problem with your computer, he will schedule a repair for the computer and arrange to have the laptop picked up.

Back up the data on your laptop, if possible, before shipping the computer back to HP.

Pack the laptop in at least 3 inches of foam packing material or "packing peanuts" to ensure the laptop is adequately protected from drops or shock during transit. If the laptop is not properly packed, HP may deem any damage to the laptop during shipping as your responsibility. If this occurs, you will need to pay for the repair of the laptop because HP will void the warranty on your laptop.

Wait for the HP-designated courier to come to your home or office and pick up the defective laptop. HP uses certified couriers such as Federal Express and UPS to pick up and deliver computers sent in for warranty service repairs. The courier should arrive at your house within one or two days of you having contacted HP customer service. Give the driver the laptop and get a receipt for it.

Wait five to 10 days for the completion of the repairs. You can check the status of the repair by visiting the HP customer service website and clicking on the "Check Repair Order" in the "Discover More" section on the main page.