Retrieving Documents Sent to Kindle With E-mail

By Isobel Phillips

Documents emailed to your Kindle can be read on any registered device.
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You can read Kindle books and documents on your Windows or Mac computer, on your smartphone and in the cloud as well as on your Kindle, making them accessible to you at home, in the office or while traveling. Each device registered with Kindle has a unique Kindle email address associated with it. All supported documents sent to that email address as attachments will download automatically to the associated device when you connect it to the Internet. You can also download your documents to other registered devices through your Kindle account on the Amazon website.

Log in to your customer account at Hover the cursor over the "Kindle" navigation link until it opens and click on "Manage Your Kindle" under "Kindle Apps and Resources." Enter your account password again if requested.

Click on "Personal Documents" in the navigation bar to display all documents sent to your Kindle via email.

Hover over the "Actions ..." button next to the document you want to retrieve and select "Deliver to my..." Choose the device to which you want to send the document from the drop-down list of your registered devices and click "Deliver." The document will be delivered automatically the next time you connect your device to the Internet.


When sending PDF documents to your Kindle email address, enter "convert" as the subject of the email to automatically format the file for reading on your Kindle.