How to Retrieve Voicemail on Nettalk

by Jennifer Moore

Nettalk VoIP is a broadband phone service that allows customers to make phone calls through an Internet connection. Nettalk's phone options include Call Number Display and voicemail, within which users can utilize call forwarding and voicemail-to-email. Users can also activate their voicemail by choosing the appropriate service package. If you use the Nettalk service that only allows for outgoing calls, you don't need voicemail service, but if you activate the incoming call feature to accept calls from Australia's Public Telephone Network for an additional monthly cost, the voicemail feature is included in the package.

Visit the Nettalk voicemail website (see Resources). Enter your voicemail username and password, located on your service documentation; they can also be obtained from Nettalk Support by calling 61-7-4728-4568. View a list of your current voicemail message files, and click twice on a voicemail to listen to it.

Dial "121" on your Nettalk phone and follow the audio instructions, including entering your Nettalk voicemail PIN number, which located in your phone documentation.

Call 07-44-01-51-52 from any phone. Wait for the automatic answering system to pick up. Key in your Nettalk phone number and your voicemail PIN number to access and listen to your recorded messages.

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