How to Retrieve Text Messages From a Cricket Phone

By Michelle Carvo

Updated October 12, 2017

How you retrieve deleted text messages from a Cricket phone depends on the phone model you have. You may be able to retrieve texts from a backup or you may need to use an app.

Recovering Texts on iPhone

If you want to retrieve deleted text messages on your Cricket iPhone then you can do so by following one of these methods:

iCloud Text Message Restore

Use this method if you do not want to delete your iPhone’s data:

  1. Go to and log into your iCloud account.
  2. Click the “Text Messages” link (if this isn’t available then you will need to restore your iCloud backup instead). You can view all your text messages that have been backed up by iCloud. This includes messages that may have been deleted on your iPhone.
  3. Tap “Settings” on your iPhone followed by “iCloud.”
  4. Tap the “Off” button next to “Text Messages” and then tap “Keep on My iPhone.” Tap to turn the “Text Messages” option back on followed by “Merge” to sync all your messages on the iPhone again.

Restore iCloud Backup

iCloud automatically backs up your text messages if you have set up iCloud backups on your iPhone. Note that restoring from backup requires deleting your content and settings. Follow these steps to restore your iCloud backup and get your texts back:

  1. Tap the “Settings” icon on your iPhone and then tap your Apple ID. Tap “iCloud” and then “Manage Storage.” Tap “Backup” to see if your iPhone has any backups stored. If none are stored then you will not be able to use this method for getting your texts.
  2. Tap the “Back” button on the top left corner of your iPhone’s screen three times to go back to the main menu.
  3. Tap “General” and then tap “Reset” followed by “Erase all content and settings.”
  4. Wait for your iPhone’s reset to complete. Resetting the iPhone is necessary to restore your iOS backup.
  5. Follow the on-screen options to set up your iPhone and then tap “Restore from iCloud Backup” when this option is available on-screen. Sign into your iCloud account and then tap your most recent backup to restore it on your iPhone.
  6. Wait for the iPhone restore to complete and then you will be able to retrieve your old texts.


If neither of the above methods work then you may be able to retrieve text messages from a Cricket iPhone by using a third-party data recovery app such as iPhone Data Recovery, Enigma Recovery or Dr. Fone.

Recovering Texts on Android

Android’s built-in backup service does not backup text messages, so you will need to use a third-party data recovery tool to retrieve your text messages from a Cricket Android phone. Third-party options include Android SMS Recovery, Fone Paw or MiniTool Mobile Recovery. These won’t always work for recovering your data but are worth trying.