How to Retrieve SMS Text Messages

by Palmer Owyoung
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Every mobile phone created after the late 1990s is capable of receiving and sending SMS text messages. Since its humble beginnings, text messaging has now become the most popular means of communication. Billions of SMS messages are sent across the globe each day, eclipsing the number of phone calls made. If you are new to text messaging, you will want to know how to retrieve them on your phone.

Step 1

Open your new text messages. When you receive a new message, you will receive a notification from your phone. Click the "Read" or "OK" button. This will usually be at the top left-hand side of your phone button panel.

Step 2

Check your inbox by going to the "Main Menu," then "Messages" and "Inbox." This will give you a list of all of your available text messages.

Read your messages by clicking on the text and selecting "Open." Delete the message by selecting it and and choosing "Delete."


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