How to Retrieve Sent Gmail

by Austin Everage
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Gmail is an email service provided by Google. Gmail offers free email accounts with security features and spam protection filters, over 7 GB of free storage space and a drag-and-drop style folder system. Gmail also has a built-in text, voice and video chat feature that allows users to chat through email messages. You can retrieve sent emails by transferring them from your "Sent" folder back to your "Inbox" folder using the "Move to" feature in gmail.

Step 1

Access the Gmail homepage and log into your Gmail account.

Step 2

Click on the "Sent Mail" link from the Gmail folder navigational menu. Find the sent email you wish to retrieve and click on the check-box to the left of the message to select it.

Click on the "Move to Inbox" button to move this email to your "Inbox" folder. The message will be automatically sorted in your "Inbox" folder by the date it was sent.


  • Click the "Select All" link in the "Sent Messages" folder and click the "Move to Inbox" button to move all of the sent emails to your Gmail "Inbox" folder.


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