How to Retrieve My Scanned Object From an HP Scanner

By Ty Arthur

Whenever you scan an object with your HP scanner, whether a photo or a text document, it is saved to a default folder chosen by the software included with the scanner. If you aren't sure what the default folder is, or the default save location has been changed, you may lose track of your scanned images. To retrieve any scanned pictures, you need to find the default folder, which is done slightly differently depending on which type of HP scanning software you use.

HP Solution Center

Open the "Start" menu and navigate through "All Programs" to "HP." Click the "HP Solution Center" icon.

Open the "Settings" tab at the lower left corner of the screen. Click the "Button Settings" link.

Click the "Scan Document" button and select the "Save to File" option. Click the "Save to File Save Options" button and then click "Save Location." Click "Browse" to see which folder is the default location where your scanner saves scanned images.

Close the window. Return to the "Start" menu and click "Computer." Navigate to the default folder you found earlier to retrieve your scanned images.

HP PhotoSmart Premier

Double-click the "PhotoSmart Premier" icon on the desktop. Click the blue "Get Images" button at the left side of the window.

Click the "From Scanner" button to specify the original location of the images you are searching for. Highlight the entry for your scanner model and click "Select."

Click "Scan" and select the "Save to File" option. Click "Save to File Save Options" and then click "Save Location."

Click "Browse" to open the default folder where scanned images are stored. Exit the program and navigate to the default folder to retrieve any scanned objects.

HP PaperPort

Click the "Start" menu and open the "All Programs" folder. Navigate to the "HP" subfolder and click "PaperPort."

Click the "Tools" entry in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Scroll down through menu and click the "Tools" option.

Click the "Folder Manager" button and click "Add" to see the current folder location where your scanned images are saved. Close the window and navigate to the folder to find your saved images.