How to Retrieve a Hard Drive Model Number Through the Command Line

by Jonathan Langdon

The model number of a hard drive appears on the belly of the device. It is not difficult to find but you may not feel like gutting your computer each time you need to look it up. Command Line is a versatile tool in Windows that allows greater customization of your computer if you have the patience and desire to learn basic programming commands. Through Command Line, DiskPart can be used to find out the model number of a hard drive without removing it from the computer.


Click “Run” in the Windows Start Menu, type “cmd” in the field, then click “OK” to open the Windows Command Line.


Type “diskpart” in the command line then press “Enter” to open a new window for DiskPart. Wait for the prompt “DISKPART>” to appear before continuing.


Type “list disk” then press “Enter” to generate a list of the hard drives connected to your computer. Each drive is assigned a number in the list.


Type “select disk #” where “#” is the number assigned to the drive in the list. There will be a message indicating that “Disk # is now the selected disk.”


Type “detail disk” then press “Enter” to generate a list of information pertaining to the hard drive. The model number of the hard drive appears at the top of the list.


  • check If you have multiple hard drives connected to your computer, DiskPart lists disk space to help you tell the hard drives apart.
  • check Command Line opens in the default user directory; the command “cd/” will clear the line to the hard drive prompt.
  • check The “exit” command can be used to close DiskPart and Windows Command Line.


  • close External hard drives connected by USB or FireWire only appear when switched on.

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