How to Retrieve a Lock Code From an RDS Radio

By Chanel Adams

RDS radios are radio data systems. They are the most standard type of radio in vehicles and hi-fi tuners, according to the Radio Electronics website. These types of radios allow you to transmit channels over VHF FM channels. You can listen to news, sports, traffic and music. Your vehicle's RDS radio also comes with a hidden anti-theft feature. It locks up when removed from your vehicle, or when you car's battery dies. Fortunately, you can retrieve the lock code from your manufacturer for your radio to work again.

Look through your vehicle's owner manual for an anti-theft card. It should be similar to a business card. On the anti-theft card is your radio's serial number and lock code.

Contact your manufacturer. Ask the representative for a lock code. Use this option if you cannot locate the lock code in your owner's manual. Provide your radio's serial number for proof of ownership.

Insert the key in the ignition. Turn your vehicle to "On." Wait for your radio to turn on and say "Locked" or "Code."

Press the "Tuner" button. Wait for the screen to go blank. Press the "Tuner" button and enter the first number of the lock code.

Press and hold "Tuner" until you enter the rest of the code. Your radio will automatically unlock and play once you enter the code.