How to Retrieve Media Information on Windows Media Player

by William Nagel

When you add media files to Windows Media Player, the Media Player will automatically attempt to retrieve file information from an Internet database. Sometimes, Windows Media Player is unable to identify the contents of your media library. If Windows Media Player fails to automatically retrieve the information for your media, you can attempt to retrieve the information manually.


Run Windows Media Player. Click the "Switch to Library" button in the upper-right corner of the Media Player if you are not in "Library" view.


Right-click on the item for which you want to retrieve information. Select "Find album info" from the context menu to open the "Find Album Information" dialog.


Use the "Find Album Information" box to match the item in your library to items listed on the database. Select the proper information for the file and click "OK" to update the item entry in your library.


Attach the information to the item by clicking the "Organize" button and selecting "Apply Media Information Changes" from the menu. Windows Media Player will update the media file with the new album information.


  • check Find information for multiple items at once by pressing "Ctrl" and clicking each unidentified item before selecting "Find Album Information."


  • close Windows Media Player may have trouble identifying media ripped from mix CDs.

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