How to Retrieve Deleted Texts to a Micro SD

by Lindsay Howell

A MicroSD card is a portable storage device that is used in cellular phones. The MicroSD card stores information such as your contacts and your text messages. When you delete a text message from your phone's inbox, you are deleting the file from the MicroSD card. If you delete a message by accident, you can retrieve it by using an SD card converter, your computer and a data-recovery program which you can download for free online.


Insert your MicroSD card into the SD card converter, then put the SD card converter into the SD card slot on your computer.


Download a free data-recovery program online--for example, Recuva,TOKIWA, or EASEUS. These three programs operate in much the same way in order to recover your deleted files. Once you have installed the data-recovery program, run the program on your computer. The program will prompt you to choose a drive to be scanned for deleted files; choose the MicroSD card. The files will be displayed in a list of thumbnails.


Choose the deleted text messages you want to restore and click the "Restore" tab if you are using Recuva or EASEUS, or on "Recovery" if you are using TOKIWA. The files will be returned to the MicroSD card.


Remove the SD card converter from the SD card slot. Take the MicroSD card out of the converter and insert it back into your cellular phone.


  • check Keep your MicroSD card in the cellular phone to prevent damaging it.


  • close Do not shut down your PC while running a data-recovery program, since this can corrupt the files you are trying to restore.

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