How to Retrieve the Browser History in an iPhone

by Kefa Olang

The iPhone---one of the premier smart phones on the market---comes with Safari, the Apple-developed browser that allows you to browse the Internet on the go. Although the iPhone features a condensed version of Safari, the browser still includes a number of browsing features. By default, Safari keeps a record of your browsing history, so that you can view the same content again anytime you want. You can also clear your history if you prefer to keep your browsing history private.

Turn on your iPhone, and then press "Safari" on the main screen to launch your browser.

Press the "Bookmark" button on the bottom of your browser, and then tap the "History" link. You should see your browsing history.

Press the "Clear," and then press the "Clear History" button if you want to delete your browsing history. You should no longer see your browsing history.

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