How to Resync a Wii Remote With Rechargeable Batteries

By Robert Kingsley

Wii uses Bluetooth technology to sync the Wii Remote with the console.
i Scott Barbour/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Nintendo Wii mainly relies on the use of wireless controllers, particularly the Wii Remote. The unique motion-sensitive design allows you to play games using gestures in addition to moving thumb sticks and pressing buttons. This approach makes gaming on the system more immersive and fun, but also forces you to rely on battery power. Using standard AA batteries can get expensive, so replacing them with rechargeable batteries is a wise idea. You may have to resync the Wii Remote controller if the battery charge wears off or after using the controller on a different Wii system.

Step 1

Remove the battery cover from the back of the Wii Remote.

Step 2

Press the "Sync" button inside the battery compartment. The LEDs on the controller will begin to blink.

Step 3

Open the SD card slot cover on the front of the Wii console to expose its "Sync" button. Press the "Sync" button on the console.

Step 4

Wait for the controller's LEDs to stop blinking. The Wii Remote is now synchronized with the system.