How to Resume After Pausing in VirtualBox

by J.S. Copper

VirtualBox is a free "virtual machine" application provided by Oracle. A virtual machine allows you to run an operating system on your desktop as if it were just any other application. For example, this means you can run Linux inside your Windows desktop, or run Microsoft Windows as an application on your Mac OS X desktop. Pausing a virtual machine suspends the processes of the virtual computer. Resuming the "computer" is quite simple.

Step 1

Select the paused virtual machine in the left sidebar of the "Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager" window.

Step 2

Open the "Machine" menu (in the menu bar), select "Resume" to begin running the selected virtual machine.

Step 3

Right-click the desired virtual machine in the left sidebar of the "Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager," and select "Resume." The virtual machine will begin running.

Repeat steps 2 or 3 to pause the virtual machine again. The "Resume" option becomes "Pause" while the machine is running.


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