How to Restore a Computer Using a System Recovery Disc

by Tammy Clevenger

Most laptop computers and PCs are shipped with a recovery partition or a set of System Recovery discs. For computers that ship with only a recovery partition (a section of the hard drive devoted to System Recovery tools), a set of System Recovery discs should be created in case of hard drive failure. Restoring a computer using a System Recovery disc will restore programs and settings to the computer to the original factory state of the machine.


Insert the System Recovery Disc into the CD/DVD drive and reboot the computer by clicking “Start” and then “Restart.”


Press a key on the keyboard, when prompted, to boot from the disc. The System Recovery tool will start and will begin loading files. When all necessary files are loaded, the Recovery Manager window will open.


Click the “Advanced Options” option.


Click the “System Recovery” option, and then click “Next.”


Remove the System Recovery disc and insert a blank disc to back up user files. Click “Next.”


Select the file groups to be backed up to the disc, and click “Next.” The user files will be backed up and burned to the blank disc. Remove the disc when the burn process is finished.


Reinsert the System Recovery disc, when prompted, and click “Next.” The recovery process will continue. A prompt will appear to insert supplemental driver disks. If desired, insert driver disks and click “Next” to install the drivers. Otherwise, click the “Skip” option.


Insert the personal recovery disc, if created. If not, click “Skip.”


Click the “Next” button. The restoration process will continue, and when complete, the computer will boot up into normal Windows mode. A dialog box will appear stating that the recovery process is complete.


Click “OK.” The system has been restored using the System Recovery disc.


  • close Note that running the restoration process from the System Recovery discs will erase all data and programs from the hard drive. All programs will need to be reinstalled after the restoration is complete. Back up data and personal files to a blank disc, when prompted, during the restoration process.

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