How to Restore Turbotax Files

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Few files are more important than your tax files. When you use Turbotax to prepare your taxes, learn the steps you must take to ensure that you will be able to restore your files should you ever lose them. Taking the extra time and effort to learn this process will be well worth it if you ever find that your tax files you completed through Turbotax are lost.

Search Computer

Step 1

Select "Search" from the "Start" menu to search for lost Turbotax files on your computer.

Step 2

Select "All Files," choose "Folders" or "All Locations."

Step 3

Type in the name of the Turbotax file that's been lost and select "Search."

Read through the search results carefully to find your lost Turbotax file.

Remote Data Backup

Step 1

Open the Remote Data Backup software that you purchased through Turbotax. If you didn't purchase this software prior to losing your Turbotax files, you won't be able to use this method to restore your files.

Step 2

Select the "Backup View" or "Retrieve View" tab in the Remote Data Backup program.

Step 3

Find the "Operations Menu" and select "Find."

Step 4

Type in the name of the Turbotax file you'd like to restore.

Select "Find Next." Select "Find Next" again if the right file doesn't appear. Repeat this step until you find the Turbotax file you'd like to restore.


  • If the Turbotax file has been permanently deleted and can't be restored, contact Turbotax directly to restore your lost files.

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