How to Restore System Preferences

By Charles Poole

Restore your system preferences yourself.
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The System Preferences on a Mac computer offers users different display settings or customized features that will differ from other users on the computer. When you log into your computer and realize that your preferences aren't what they should be, you might think about rushing your computer to a Mac specialist. You can troubleshoot the preferences on your Apple computer yourself and save the money you would have spent on a repair shop.

Check to See if the Preferences File Exists on Your Computer

Click the "Finder" button.

Click the "System" button.

Click the "Library" button.

Click on "PreferencePanes" and try to locate your file in the menu.

Restore the file to the proper place on your computer if you find it.

Delete the User PrefPane-Cache

Click on "Finder."

Click on "Users."

Click on your user account.

Click on "LIbarary" and then on "Caches."

Delete all of the files ending in "" and empty your trashcan.

Update Apple Remote Desktop

Click on your Internet browser.

Go to the Apple button at the top of the browser and click on it.

Click the "Software Update" button and wait for the application to scan your computer.

Restart your computer after the Apple Remote Desktop has updated.