How to Restore a Previous Browser Session on Internet Explorer

By Andrew Meer

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 Web browser features technology that continuously saves information about your current browsing session. If you exit the application with your tabs intact, you can restore them the next time you open Internet Explorer by using the “Restore Last Session” option found either within new tab pages or the Tools menu. In addition, Internet Explorer also uses a feature called Automatic Crash Recovery that lets you open your previous session in case of a computer shutdown or desktop crash.

Restoring the Previous Session

After opening Internet Explorer, click the "New Tab" button found to the right of your current tab at the top of the screen. You can also use the “Ctrl-T” shortcut to instantly open a new tab. After the new tab opens, click the “Restore Last Session” option at the bottom of the screen to restore your previous browsing session. Alternately, you can press “Alt-T” to open the Tools menu, then use the “Restore Last Session” option to get back to your previous browsing session. In the event of an unexpected computer shutdown or desktop crash, you can continue your previous browsing session by clicking the “Restore Session” button found on the “Your Last Browsing Session Closed Unexpectedly” pop-up box that shows up when you re-open Internet Explorer.