How to Restore Your PlayStation Store Downloads

By Travis Larson

Your video game console isn't just for gaming anymore.
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The PlayStation Store provides games and videos for users to download onto the PS3 hard drive. All of the content you purchase and download with your PlayStation Network account is stored by the system for future reference. If you erased a download from the PS3 hard drive, you can restore it to the hard drive without having to purchase it again. A list of downloaded content is accessible from the PS3 menu.

Step 1

Click "PlayStation Network" on the PS3 menu, then click "Sign In." After you sign in, "Account Management" appears on the menu.

Step 2

Click "Account Management," then "Transaction Management."

Step 3

Click "Download List" to view a list of all items you previously downloaded.

Step 4

Click on an item in the list to download it again. You can download as many of the items as you want.