How to Restore Nero Backup Without Nero Installed

By Jason Taetsch

The Nero BackItUp utility is a software program that provides you with tools to create backups of your valuable data and store the backup files on a DVD or external drive. The program features a streamlined backup process, enhanced disc technology and restore tools. You can restore the Nero BackItUp program if you have previously created a backup of the software.

Step 1

Click "Start" and choose "Control Panel" from the menu. Click the icon for "System and Maintenance" in the Control Panel folder and click the link for "Backup and Restore Center." Make sure the volume that holds the backup files of the program is connected to the computer.

Step 2

Click the "Restore My Files" button under the "Restore" heading. Click the "Browse For Folders" button and click on the "Nero BackItUp" file name. Click "Next."

Step 3

Click the button for "In the original location" to restore the program to its original folder or you can click "Browse" and select a new destination folder for the restore program.

Step 4

Click "Restore" and a progress bar will appear indicating the status of the restore process. Once the bar is complete the file will be restored to the selected destination folder.