How to Restore an iPod if a PC Does Not Recognize It

by SindyL

If your iPod connection is not recognized by your PC, it could be for a number of reasons and can possibly be fixed by something as simple as rebooting your PC or making sure your iPod's USB cord connection to your PC is secure.

Connect your iPod to the PC using the USB cord that came with your iPod. If your PC has recognized your iPod, you will find your iPod among the other drives under "my computer." If your PC has not recognized your iPod, move to step two.

Disconnect your iPod from your PC by removing the USB cord from your iPod and your computer.

Reboot your PC.

While your PC is rebooting, reboot your iPod. Do this by placing the iPod on a flat surface. Using your middle and index finger, press down on the menu button and the center button simultaneously. If done correctly, the screen on your iPod should go black and then you'll see the Apple logo as it starts to reboot.

Once the PC and iPod have rebooted, connect the iPod back to your PC following step 1. Your PC should recognize your iPod. You can check by going to "my computer" and looking for your iPod among your C and D drive. Also, if you have iTunes, iTunes should recognize your iPod and you should see your iPod under your music library.

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