How to Restore an iPod Without Losing Music (3 Steps)

By Greyson Ferguson

Place songs back onto the Apple iPod
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If your Apple iPod is constantly freezing up on your or you are running into hard drive issues, you may need to restore it. To perform the restore, you must have iTunes, which means you can save all the music onto iTunes prior to running the restore. When you're finished, iTunes automatically places all your music back onto your device.

Step 1

Plug the USB cable into the power port on the bottom of your iPod. Insert the opposite end of the cable into one of the USB ports on your computer. In a moment, iTunes launches automatically.

Step 2

Click the iPod listed under “My Devices,” and the iPod information loads onto your screen. All the music you have on the iPod is already on iTunes, so you do not need to perform any backup procedures.

Step 3

Select “Restore to Factory Settings” and your iPod’s firmware restores itself. Once finished it, automatically loads back all the music, games and other data onto the MP3 player. This process can take several minutes to complete.