How to Restore an HP Pavilion to the Factory Settings

by Jason Taetsch

Restoring your computer to factory settings returns the computer to the original operating condition as if it just left the factory. Use the HP Recovery Manager to complete the restore process in order to resolve a nasty virus infection or hard drive issue. Back up your files before performing the restore, as the process removes all the data saved to the HP Pavilion's hard drive.


Click "Start" and type "Recovery" into the "Start Search" field. Click the "Recovery Manager" option in the results list.


Click the "System Recovery" option under the "I need help immediately" category. Click "No" in the Microsoft Restore window that opens, then click "Next."


Click the "Back up your files first (recommended)" option, then choose "Next." Plug the cable from the external hard drive into a USB port on the Pavilion, then select the files you want to include on the backup. Click "Next" to create the backup, then disconnect the external hard drive once the process is complete.


Click "Next" in the System Recovery window to begin the process for restoring the factory settings. The computer immediately begins restoring the system to the original operating condition; restart once the process is completed. The restore can take a number of hours depending on your computer's processor speed and the amount of data on the hard drive.

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