How to Restore Excel Spreadsheet to a Previous Version

By Louise Balle

i Siri Stafford/Digital Vision/Getty Images

When you have a newer version of Microsoft Excel (2007 and later) on your computer, you can usually open a spreadsheet from an older version with no problem, but that is not always true in the reverse situation. Newer Microsoft Office versions are not always compatible with older programs. So to assure that your spreadsheet will be compatible with all versions of Excel, you may want to convert it back to the previous version.

Step 1

Open your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Click "Save As" from the "File" or "Office" menu depending on your version.

Step 2

Press the arrow next to the "Save as type" drop down box. Find "Excel 97-2003 Workbook" from the list. If your spreadsheet is a template choose "Excel 97-2003 Template."

Step 3

Click "Save" and email the file to the computer that has the older version of Microsoft Excel to assure that it opens correctly.