How to Restore Deleted Text on a Cricket

by Kayla Lowe
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Cricket is a cell phone service provider that is offered in some areas of the United States. Like most cell phones, it offers you the ability to send text messages. You might accidentally delete some texts on your Cricket phone that you later realize you still need. Luckily, software does exist that allows you to restore deleted text on a Cricket cell phone.

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Go to Pro Data Doctor (See Resources) and purchase the SIM card data recovery software. The software costs $69 as of 2010 and it allows you to retrieve everything from deleted text messages to cell phone identification details. It requires a USB SIM card reader into which you place your Cricket's SIM card and then plug into your computer's USB port so that the software can read the SIM card and restore the deleted data.

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Go to SIMCon Forensics and purchase the SIMCon SIM card recovery program offered there for $129. This SIM card recovery software is the one favored by law enforcement agencies. It requires a USB SIM card reader for the SIMCon application to read your SIM card and restore everything from deleted text messages to all data stored on a SIM card. This software is compatible with both SIM cards and USIM cards as well.

Go to Free Downloads Center (see Resources) and purchase the SIM card data rescue program for $69. This software will restore deleted text and other cell phone information and is compatible with any GSM or 3G cell phone. It too requires a USB SIM card reader, and it works with any cell phone service provider, including Cricket.


  • Beware of websites that claim to offer you free SIM card recovery software because they will most likely put malware or viruses on your computer.


  • Although there are other SIM card recovery programs on the market, the starting price for such software is $69.


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