How to Restore Deleted History Files

by Anthony King

History files are a list of website and Internet files that are automatically saved onto a computer. Using the computer's Internet properties function, these files can be viewed or deleted. Most people do not realize that their computer has regular save points where the system saves all of the files and information stored on the computer on a specific date. Using a very simply process, anyone can access one of these save points and view any file that may have been saved on their computer at the time.

Click on "Start." From the menu that opens, select "All Programs," then choose "Accessories." Click on "System Tools," and then "System Restore."

Check the box for "Restore my computer to a previous date," and then click "Next." A calendar will appear allowing you to select the day you wish to restore your computer to. Select a date and press "Next." Your computer will begin the restore process automatically and restart when it is finished. This will allow you to view the history files on that specific date.

Click "Start" after the restore process has been completed. Select "Control Panel" from the second column of options that appear. From there, double click the icon for "Internet Options."

Click on "Settings," located in the middle of the window under the "History" heading. From the next window that appears, click "View Files." You will now be taken to a list that shows all of the history and temporary Internet files saved to your computer on the date to which you restored.


  • check This process is completely reversible, and no information you currently have saved on your computer will be lost. In addition, you can restore and unrestore your computer as many times as you wish.

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