How to Restore CHK Files

By Greyson Ferguson

You can restore CHK files.
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If Microsoft Windows crashes, a CHK (checkpoint) file will be created. The CHK is actually all of the file and program information saved into the CHK format. Windows does this to give the computer user the ability to restore possible settings and information that was lost while the unexpected closure occurred.

Step 1

Change the file extension if you know exactly what software or program was lost. This can be done by renaming the CHK file with the proper file extension for the program that created it. For example, if a Windows DOC file was lost, changing the "CHK" extension to "DOC" will allow the file to be opened in Microsoft Word.

Step 2

Download a free CHK file recovery program. Extract the file using WinZip or any other ZIP program, then install the program.

Step 3

Open the CHK file recovery program. Select a folder or drive to scan for CHK files. If you know the file location of the CHK file, select it.

Step 4

Select the CHK files you want to be restored once the scan is complete and click "Done." The recoverable CHK files will now be restored