How to Restart Windows Mobile

by Laura Gianino
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Windows Mobile is the operating system developed by Microsoft for smart phones and pocket PCs. Like all operating systems, Windows Mobile may act sluggish or occasionally malfunction. In such cases, you may need to restart Windows Mobile. You can do this with a soft reset. Much like rebooting a computer, a soft reset clears active memory and shuts down all programs. Restarting your Windows Mobile is simple.

Step 1

Save any data in open applications. Resetting Windows Mobile will cause your device to lose all unsaved data.

Step 2

Locate the reset button on your device. This may be found at the bottom, side, or rear of many smart phones and pocket PCs. If you cannot locate it externally, try looking under the battery compartment cover.

Press the reset button. This will power off then power back on your device and Windows Mobile will be restarted. All your active programs will be closed and your smart phone or pocket PC will be ready to use.


  • If you cannot find the reset button on your Windows Mobile device, you may also perform a soft reset by simply removing the battery for a few seconds. When you replace the battery and power the device back on, Windows Mobile will restart. Remember to save all data before restart.
  • A hard reset may be performed to restart Windows Mobile if you desire to turn your device back to its factory settings. You will lose all data entered, software installed, and preferences. Hard resets are recommended if a soft reset does not fix your malfunctioning device or if you plan to sell or give away the device. Instructions vary depending on the smart phone or pocket PC. See Resources.


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