How to Restart Spooler Service

By C.D. Crowder

Restart the print spooler service whenever you cannot remove a job from the print queue. Restarting the print spooler takes only a few minutes. The print spooler service is easy to restart in both Linux and Windows. Once a print spooler is restarted, jobs in the print queue will begin printing once again. A print spooler often needs to be restarted when two jobs are submitted simultaneously, an error occurs when a job freezes, or a computer shuts down unexpectedly while submitting a print job.


Step 1

Double click the "Shell" or "Terminal" icon on your desktop.

Step 2

Type "lpc restart all" or "lpc restart printername" and press "Enter."

Step 3

Wait at least 30 seconds for the print spooler service to restart.

If you still have problems, restart the service a second time.


Step 1

Go to "Start" and select "Run." Type "cmd" and press "Enter" to open a command prompt.

In Windows Vista, go to "Start," select "All Programs," choose "Accessories" and select "Command Prompt."

Step 2

Type "net stop spooler" and press "Enter" to stop the print spooler.

Type "net start spooler" and press "Enter" to restart the print spooler.